3 Businesses to Start for the Social Bahamian.

Wedding Planning/ Event planning


Wedding planning could be good fit for someone who has experience in party planning, event coordination or hospitality. Strong organizational and communication skills, the ability to work weekends and patience are necessary.

This is another business you can run from your home, but it may require frequent travel.

Investment: A wedding-planning business can be operated out of your home, so expect low startup costs. You’ll likely need to create a website and spend some money on marketing. Some training may be required if you lack experience.

Potential challenges: It’s a seasonal type of business, as wedding bookings are likely to slow down in the winter — though this depends on where you live. As a result, you may need to get creative when it comes to stretching your earnings throughout the year.

You can also tie in international weddings, attracting people to The Bahamas who want that dream of getting married on white sand beaches, or even pink sand! You can work as their liaison to The Bahamas planning a wedding for tourists. 



If you love art and have a passion for photography? Starting a photography business may be right for you.

Referrals and showcasing your work in an online gallery are two keys to gaining new clients. If you don’t have a lot of experience in photography but still want to pursue this business idea, try working as an assistant to a professional photographer to build up your resume.

Investment: You can reduce your initial costs by starting small and part-time. Besides needing a professional camera, lighting equipment and editing software, costs may include website setup and marketing, and hiring photography assistants.

Potential challenges: There are plenty of photographers out there already, so you need a good business plan to stand out from the competition. It may also be seasonally dependent, with higher demand in warmer months.


tour guide.jpeg

In The Bahamas our annual tourist population is ten times our native population, so this business should be a no brainer for the social Bahamian. With the right permitting you can start your own tour guide business, quad tour, jet-ski tours or nature walks. You can create your own routes and leverage social media to grow an international following. 

Investment: Startup costs will vary based on the type of tour business.

Potential challenges: Accidents can happen during one of your tours, so getting the proper insurance is a good idea. Licensing may be required, depending on your location.

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