Over $1 Million in Private Funding

Private funding is funding where an organization or group decides to provide capital funds to a business, sometimes funds are provided in exchange for an equity stake in the business. Businesses are advised to understand the terms and conditions attached to the private funds before accepting them.

The Bahamas Business Incubator does not provide private funding and we also do not endorse, partner, or stand to gain anything from any of the private funders listed below. The list is put together for the benefit of Bahamian Entrepreneurs.


The Investment Group

up to $150,000

The Investment Group (TIG) is the brainchild and vision of Atario Mitchell and Dominic Sturrup, Principals of the Bahamas Striping Group of Companies.  It is incorporated as a privately owned investment company with a mission to invest into companies with a combination of cash and equity.  

 TIG was born out of the experiences of Atario and Dominic as entrepreneurs, as they like most small and medium size enterprises (SME’s), found themselves challenged in finding capital to fund their business.   As a result, of overcoming this challenge, they have set aside one million dollars to assist young Bahamian entrepreneurs or persons with existing businesses in need of further capital.  They both see this investment fund as a critical need towards inspiring and creating the next generation of Bahamian entrepreneurs and spurring on job creation.

Own Your Bahamas

up to $25,000

OWN is an initiative created under IL Cares on the premise of offering change and a better way of life for many Bahamians throughout The Bahamas. We focus on offering entrepreneurial grant opportunities for persons who do not have the capital to fund the initiative themselves.

Capital Arena Cohort

up to $15,000

Capital Arena Cohort is put on by the Grand Bahama Port Authority in an effort to stimulate the economy with new businesses every year. Entrepreneurs with a business idea, pitch their idea in a Shark Tank style to the Port Authority and they decide who will recieve the funding after the pitches. To learn more about Capital Arena Cohort and the requirements click below.


Bahamas Venture Fund

up to $10,000

The Bahamas Entrepreneurial Venture Fund makes loan or equity funding available to start-up businesses. Since its inception in 2005, the government body has released around $5.7 million with 80 per cent going to Nassau, 12 per cent to Grand Bahama and the rest dispersed among the Family Islands.